Directional Survey

Visual Presentation and Data Transfer

Borehole geometry is crucial information for geologists and geophysicists, to determine the location of stratigraphic characteristics. Surtech Systems has high-quality wireline tools for measuring borehole orientation. These tools use a standard magnetometer and accelerometer combination for recording directional surveys in boreholes. Gyroscopic tools are available for directional surveys in magnetic terrain. These can be used in open holes or inside drill rods.

This image shows a 3-Dimensional view from a borehole directional survey. The location of each section of the borehole is plotted in space, from collar to end. Logging intervals can be varied as required. In complex geological terrain such three-dimensional plotting is vital to the technical evaluation of other borehole data.

3D Deviation View

This plot shows a view of the path of an actual borehole as seen from above, displayed on a compass rose. In variable geological terrain such pathway can be quite complex. Accuracy and precision in location of data points are always vital to good geological interpretation and data modelling.

Bullseye Deviation Plot

Surtech Systems is able to display these plots in real time during logging and to produce data files and images for transfer to the client within minutes of completion. Data formats are compatible with major modelling packages. Data can be transferred rapidly for site geologists and for head office modeling teams.

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