Directional Survey

Borehole geometry is crucial information for geologists and geophysicists, to determine the location of stratigraphic characteristics. Surtech Systems has high quality wireline tools for measuring borehole orientation. These tools use a standard magnetometer and accelerometer combination for recording directional surveys in boreholes. Gyroscopic tools are available for directional surveys in magnetic terrain. These can be used in open holes or inside drill rods.

Nuclear Services

Surtech Systems offers a range of nuclear logging services including Natural Gamma Ray, Neutron Porosity and GR Density. Surtech Systems has the facility for calibrating the nuclear logging tools in-house and in the field. Our nuclear logging tools can operate in a wide range of borehole sizes and depths.

Imaging Services

Surtech Systems provides acoustic and optical televiewer imaging of borehole walls to help our clients look closely at subsurface structures and formations. Our borehole imaging services facilitate interpretation of structural details like formation bedding dip and the presence and nature of fractures, cavities or thin beds.

Other Wireline Services

Surtech Systems has the tools and skills to provide other logging services such as Resistivity, Magnetic Susceptibility, X-Y Caliper, Temperature and SP. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information about our services.

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